Jeff Silva

UX/UI Designer &
Front-end Developer &

UI design UI design

Details are there even if you don’t notice at first sight

As the pixel lover that I am, seeing perfect pixels mixed with clean and beautiful design applied on nice and functional applications make me want to gain more and more expertise every day.

UX details UX for real

My job includes translate UX/UI design to code

I work harder and harder to deliver the final product as incredible as possible. That's why I'm constantly seeking to improve my way of living and trying to see my work from a different point of view.

Turtle drawning Turtle drawning

We all have to deal with problems. Don't panic. Take a break

I try to solve problems effectively by not looking at the problem itself. By doing so I can reason about what may be the root cause instead, as doing otherwise would do nothing but make me have to mend different symptoms of a bad project.

Create from scratch,
innovate and
make people happy.

UX Wall

If you’d like to talk about your project, to hire me or just go out and have a beer with me, don't think twice :)