Concentrated on the mobile experience

Easy Mortgage is a new concept for getting to know if your finances fit the daunting task of buying a new house. This is a proof of concept into how the potential buyer can assess his expenses and know if they need a mortgage loan.


The logo creation with a quick process

While researching about mortgages I already had some ideas how it would looks like because at that time I was looking for a new place to live. The long period searching through several websites helped me get a better understanding about the real state business. So when the time came I did it smoothly.

Sketching clarifies a lot in just a few minutes

This part of the process where I gather all information I previously organized I can start putting the ideas on paper and see what could be the best format possible. For instance, the money range slider for a mobile device is way easier. You only have to drag your finger from one side to the other.


Navigate between the screens

Company feedback

Sweet UI - We love it.
You took our slick modern design.
Mobile first was a great approach.

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